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2nd Listeners' Choice Award
Public Nomination (closed) Public Voting (closed) Your Choice IS Listeners' Choice

During the 11 days of the Public Voting Round of our 2nd annual Listeners' Choice Award, our five nominees have gained exposure to cheering fans, proud supporters, enthusiastic cellists and music lovers from 55 countries (plus some unidentified locations) on all five continents. People kept coming, and bringing others, to meet, listen and vote for our five nominees.

After we have counted Your Votes, the 2nd annual Listeners' Choice Award undisputedly goes to:

Entendre: duoW

Meta Weiss & Arianna Warsaw-Fan

(Sono Luminus)

Our winner and nominees will be featured individually and as a group on this website and our VCF Prelude in the coming months! Stay tuned!

Beethoven (Live Concert)
Complete Sonatas for Cello and Piano


Piano: Ron Regev

Label: ClassiConcept

Listen to samples and purchase at Amazon

From Your Voice on nomination forms:

This performance brings out Beethoven's tender side.

– Anonymous (ISRAEL)

Wonderful and virtuosic! A live and unedited performance of all Beethoven sonatas by two very impressive artists in a single concert!

– Ludwig862 (Chicago, IL, USA)

Hindemith Sonata for solo cello | Works for cello & piano


Piano: Daan Vandewalle

Label: Fuga Libera

Listen to samples and purchase at Amazon

From Your Voice on nomination forms:

A fitting tribute to Hindemith on the 50th anniversary of his death. It is a rare opportunity and such a delight to hear a wonderful performance of these works.

– Anonymous (Rochester, NY, USA)

Brilliant, dynamic and insightful! Ms. Ermert has full command of her cello!

– beauxarts55 (Miami, FL, USA)

Shostakovich Cello concertos


Orchestra: St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Vladimir Lande

Label: Delos

Listen to samples and purchase at Amazon

From Your Voice on nomination forms:

An authentic rendition in the spirit of the original Rostropovich recordings.

– Anonymous (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Dmitry Kouzov is definitely one of the best young Russian cellists of today.

– SBcellolvr (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

Cello for Africa Klatzow | Huyssen

du Plessis

Piano: Malcolm Nay

Marimba: Magda de Vries

Orchestra: OSM Camerata

Label: Ode Records (New Zealand)

Purchase at Marbecks (ships worldwide)

From Your Voice on nomination forms:

This album embodies the highest standard of artistry and a very genuine attempt to build a meaningful cross-cultural dialogue.

– Anonymous (NEW ZEALAND)

Commissioning & recording of new works to highlight the cello's ability to voice a wide range of human qualities & the soul of South Africa.

– ejcPotomac (Washington, DC, USA)

Entendre Kodály | Handel-Halvorsen | Servals and Léonard | Ravel | Sousa-Dukov


Meta Weiss

Violin: Arianna Warsaw-Fan

Label: Sono Luminus

Listen to samples and purchase at Amazon

From Your Voice on nomination forms:

The young artists' performance of the classics is unique, inspiring, and magical.

– elbeshears (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Not only is the performance terrific--both violin and cello--but the group has extended itself in reaching beyond the usual repertoire. These are exciting players who are appealing to both traditional and newer audiences.

– A Fan (Grantham, NH, USA)