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4th Listeners' Choice Award result

LISTENDuo Virtuoso Rossini | Martinu | Ginastera | Piazzolla | Brahms

Murasaki DuoEric Kutz (cello), Miko Kominami (piano)

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Sakura (Chicago, IL, USA)

This is such a fun and electrifying program, perfect to showcase the musical and technical prowess of these two virtuosos!

PTChung (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Great performance, fantastic programming and dynamic presentation make this CD a must-have!

LISTENHaydn | Wranitzky
Cello Concertos

Enrico Bronzi (cello and conductor), Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto

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Rossi (Milan, Italy)

Gorgeous sound and really masterful playing!! The pairing of Haydn and Wranitzky is excellent!

Matteo UWS (New York, NY, USA)

Bravo Enrico! This is the best performance I've heard in years.

LISTENSolitude Lanza | Lim | Saunders |
Dillon | Blondeau

Séverine Ballon (cello)

with Mark Knoop (piano) for track 2

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MarieAMusik (Paris, France)

This highly anticipated solo début disc of Séverine Ballon is truly a tour de force!!

Rick (Boston, MA, USA)

Evocative, powerful and captivating — a tremendous success for Ballon and experimental music.

D'Albert | Bruch | Dohnányi

David Pia (cello), Ulf Schirmer (conductor), Münchner Rundfunkorchester

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Schmidt (Munich, Germany)

An exquisite performance by David Pia. I fell in love with the d'Albert concerto!

KYC50 (New York, NY, USA)

Wonderful CD and delightful performance! Thank you David Pia and Ulf Schirmer for this enchanting and intriguing program.

LISTEN20thC Women Composers
Beach | Boulanger | Clarke

Trio des AlpesMirjam Tschopp (violin),
Claude Hauri (cello), Corrado Greco (piano)
with Lorna Windsor (soprano) tracks 9-12

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Colombo (Ticino, Switzerland)

Tschopp, Hauri and Greco are outstanding individually, and when the three join forces as a trio, their performance is magnifico!

Annette (Washington, DC, USA)

Trio des Alpes gave a breathtaking performance of these wonderfully beautiful and fascinating works.